5 Recreational Fire Reminders Clean Air Tips

Friday, July 01, 2016 - Summer is the perfect time for enjoying a Recreational Fire. These reminders will help make your summer fun and safe.

  • Recreational fires must be used solely for recreational purposes and may not be used for disposal of yard debris or any other material. A responsible party must be attending the fire at all times.
  • A Recreational fire is under 3x3x2 and is allowed without a permit. Recreational fires in excess of 3x3x2 need a special written permit from SWCAA.
  • Only charcoal or seasoned firewood (not lumber) may be used as fuel for a Recreational fire. A very small amount of paper may be used to start the fire.
  • Recreational fires may not cause a smoke or odor nuisance to surrounding properties.
  • Recreational fires must be fully extinguished and cool to the touch before leaving them unattended.
If you need further information please contact SWCAA at (360) 574-3058 x 110.